Our Schools

Group of students outside

Cayenne community is driven by our goals. That is why for every ten printers purchased one is donated to a school. To make this dream possible, it takes more than printers and our curriculum. None of this could be accomplished without the inspired schools and teachers reaching out to us to bring the technology to the classroom first hand.

The first Schools and teachers to grow our community are Sam Mccoy at Franklinton High School, and Rodney Orji at Excelsior Preparatory High School. When they heard about the opportunity to bring printers into their classrooms, they answered the call immediately. It warmed our heart to see them setting up the printers and growing the lesson plans with our shared tenacity and eagerness.

This is only the beginning. We want to spread this technology to as many schools as possible. Everyone should be able to experience and learn from 3D printing.

Want to be the next school to join the Cayenne Community? Reach out to us in our donation form and we can work to help develop a program for 3D printing. Hardware, software, material are all included.