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Our curriculum is designed to be as accessible as possible, for both students and staff. We focus on teaching design and use of 3D printing as project-based, as in our past experience we’ve found this to be the most rewarding for students. We want to inspire the next generation of Makers, not teach students abstract concepts that may have very little connection to what they want to do in the future. Giving students the skills to create what they want, and providing a groundwork to build on is our primary focus.

Taught largely by teachers and librarians, our out of the box curriculum and project suggestions lay the foundation and continually lay the roadmap for ongoing projects and lessons.

Based on our previous development with Makerspaceship from the San Jose Public library, we have updated and enhanced our 6-week lesson plans to bring these tools to the rest of the country. We encourage kids to collaborate in small groups starting with basic CAD revolving around revolves and sweeps, teach about the strengths and optimal printing strategies and provide projects to test their skills.