About Us

Cayenne Community was founded with a scrappy attitude and an aggressive goal: Offer Curated 3D Printers at affordable prices, and a true path to mastery with their tools. We love 3d printing and that chances are, you do too! We insist on sharing our know-how and technology with students who might not otherwise gain access to them.

We are a bunch of young veterans who saw a similar trend. We see all the hype surrounding 3D printers and everyone would ask us, “how do I use it and what can I do with it? We’d see the same faces baffled when it came to repairing, design, and optimizing their machines and we knew we needed to do something about it.

But where would we start?

The answer was simple. Since the 3D printing industry started consolidating, we saw 3 major companies dominating media attention. We sifted through the hype, spoke to real printer owners from novices to power users and figured out what tangibly changes the printing experience and empowers users to wield their creativity. After that, we developed the simplest ways to disseminate this information via our curriculum for students and individuals.

Coming from a history of hyping, building and reverse engineering printers, we decided it was time to torture some printers to separate the quality from the also ran. We're sharing our insights with our buyers along with Schools and Community hubs. 

We don't engineer or manufacturer hardware. Instead, we spend our time torture testing, fine tuning, and discarding what doesn't make sense. We curated award-winning printers for new, intermediate and seasoned pros so finding the best printer for you is simple and straightforward.

We believe that buying a 3D printer should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy, confident, and proud that you are able to share the product you love with students who need them. Our customers get printers directly from the OEM with the same warranty, support and customer service so you sacrifice nothing to be able to give back.  

This technology is fun and empowering. Everyone has the right to create whatever they need and test their limits of creativity and imagination.

Almost 30,000 middle schools In the US lack access to 3d printers, which means that 75% of the country’s middle schools lack access to the technology entirely. To help address this problem, Cayenne Community partners with Schools, Libraries, maker spaces and community hubs to make sure that for every 10  printers sold, a printer is distributed to those in need.