Maker Profile: Yasu Tano


Yasu Tano has been seen sporting a variety of breathtaking projects. From his K-S02 Droid from Star Wars, Mech Suits, Lannister armor and many more, to say this man is a 3D Printing power user is an understatement. He has been known to run several 80 hour prints at the same time, and no wonder how he's been able to do several 100lb pound projects over the years.

I first met Yasu in Las Vegas where he competed in the Showdown on the strip in 2016. He was one of three 3D printing experts at the show, and his Reeper quickly caught my eye. We instantly hit it off and fast forward to CES 2018 where we had a serendipitous meeting, he was a part of validating the vision of spreading the love of 3D Printing with Cayenne Community (since the idea was roughly a week old).

I asked about some of his printing choices about the droid since at that time, it was the largest thing I had seen him build (though now I know if was one of many). He talked about his partnership with Monoprice and the impact the MP Mini Deltas played. “These Monoprice Deltas are the unspoken heroes of this build,” Tano says. “I've run about two kilograms of filament through them and every part has had incredible quality. And it astounds me that they are less than $200.”

Being both inspired and hungry, we shared some tacos, and I picked his brain on what motivated him. How he was able to make extraordinary, and enormous 3D printed statues time and time again? In his words “It’s all part of the day job. I always aim to blur the lines of reality to bring video game props and armors to life using 3D printing.”


He works closely with IC3D, Monoprice and Sainsmart to power his oversized 3D printed works of art. His lab spans multiple rooms with 18 printers in total. While most of his projects to date have been in ABS and PLA, he has a love for TPU for durability and comfort when it comes to wearing his creations. He set up then entire lab to be able to print remotely and he monitors prints progress from his phone. There is always a printer to redesign, upgrade or a new finishing technique to explore and there's never a moment he’s not experimenting with something.

The K-2S0 droid and power armor are just a couple of many mind blowing projects he’s created over the course of 2017. In a lengthy imgur post, Yasu has posted photos of a whole year’s worth of cool 3D printing projects, authentic looking props, cosplay costumes, smaller models, and a myriad of sci-fi/fantasy works anyone would be impressed by.